In those moments when I wonder why I am acting as Interim Head of School of Foundations Early Learning and Family Center, after fourteen years of retirement, I have only to remember this morning’s worship with 40 plus 3 and 4 year olds. As their sweet voices filled the room with the praise of “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and their eyes closed in the quietness of the worship music, my heart was full! Then my joy was complete as they recited the ABC Bible verses through the letter D with no prompting! Yes, that is why I leave home at 6:25 am each morning. If just one child remembers these experiences as they grow and leave our little piece of heaven, our job is complete. Our continual prayer for our former and current students is that they will never know a time when they did not know Jesus.


Please join us in this prayer, that every child will have a personal relationship with Jesus, and that the parents will grow in their knowledge of Him as well. Yes, Jesus does love the little children, and we here at Foundations have the blessing of helping them to know and understand just how much He loves them.


Mary Jo Kynerd

Interim Head of School

Foundations Early Learning and Family Center

Former Childhood Principal of Briarwood Christian School