In March, our daily greetings, routines, and academic schedules changed over night. We went from thoughtless morning hugs and high fives to virtual hugs and air high fives! 

I don’t believe anyone could have predicted that we would end 2019-2020 and start 2020-2021 school years virtually. 

Although we would love for things to be “back to normal,” we have been blessed to have a smooth transition to virtual learning. 

Please don’t mistake “smooth” for perfect. We definitely have our fair share of virtual learning challenges (log-in troubles, finding and using the mute button, to total device system shut downs). But our teachers continue to provide daily learning opportunities in all academic areas and spiritual curriculum.

Throughout the process we could have chosen to give up on virtual instruction and sent our students learning packets to work on alone from home, but we pressed ahead. Instead, our teachers put together virtual learning boxes for each student. Our teachers continue to teach as if students are sitting in the room with them and the material provided in those boxes help aid in our hands-on learning approach during our virtual sessions!  

The virtual sessions have also given us the opportunity to work with our parents on a daily basis. Now instead of telling our families what we work on during the day and what worship looks like, they are involved in all of it! We are enjoying more contact and closer relationships with our families because of the virtual format. 

We are truly blessed to have a wonderful staff that continues to go above and beyond the call of duty.  While we will begin to transition to partial in-person instruction on October 5th, we are thankful that our school can virtually continue to provide a high-quality early childhood education during a pandemic! 

Jamese Daniels, Head Teacher