We all agree, that any way you slice it, we are in difficult circumstances. 

We can also agree that the situation did not catch God by surprise, because everything passes through His loving hands. So we rest in Him while catching our breath.

Distance learning is not what we would have chosen, but it is better than having no contact with the children. Virtual field trips cannot completely replace the planned trips to the McWane Center or the Birmingham Zoo! We will also miss our Family Fun Day (my personal favorite) and our precious, Christ-honoring graduation. Most of all, we will miss getting that last hug from each child before they begin their kindergarten journey! We are trusting the spiritual teaching they have received during their time at Foundations will have an eternal impact on their little lives. Read on in this newsletter to hear how our parents are working hard at adapting and keeping their children and themselves connected to Foundations. 

Please continue to pray for us as we walk this journey. Dr. Tony Evans says, “The best way to work through this crisis is to grow God in your understanding, in your experience, and in your focus, because when we grow Him, your faith will grow with it and your worry will shrink and become responsible concern.”


Mary Jo Kynerd

Head of School