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Foundations was recently named the 100 Shares Birmingham 2020 top grant award recipient! This amazing grant was provided to partially fund a brand new upper 2's/young 3's class in the fall of 2021! It will enable us to upgrade our library to a modern, technology-based media center that will be used by all of our children, teachers and parents. 

This grant takes Foundations one step closer to fulfilling our vision of serving families with children aged birth to give. We have prayed for several years for the right time to add a class that will serve 2-year old children and their families and to increase the number of 3-year old children we serve. This grant will provide the seed funding to do both. Praise the Lord! 

We know that God provided this blessing and we are trusting that the rest of the funding will occur because He is faithful! Thank you, 100 Shares Birmingham, for allowing us to grow. We are thrilled to be able to come alongside families of younger children with high-quality preschool education as well as with the love of the Gospel story. This will be such a huge opportunity to impact lives for eternity and to help prepare children for success in school. 


Mary Jo Kynerd

Head of School

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